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So I was laid up the weekend before Xmas, so I had time to make a few things. Shown here are purple glass pearls with a black filigree piece. The rhinestone setting is actually a vintage button. The button has a story, and was hard for me to give up, but went out as a great gift, so it went to a good home. The button was from this woman, Martha's house. My dad's friend was her lawyer and obtained her house when she passed. Her house was packed to the gills with stuff, all prior to about 1975. It's actually where I got all the fabric that originally compelled me to buy a sewing machine. Anyways, I was in college at the time, and when I was able to get to the house, much of the 'treasures' were gone. But my dad had saved me a few things, one being basically a leisure suit, with a gold and beige jacket- including this button and gold pants. In size XXXL. The fabric went on to become a few of the early purses and up until I quit sewing, bits were still used.

One of the first bags I had made with the jacket fabric, then saw still in-use years later:
TakeWrning circa 2004
And more recently on the logo sign:
Craftin' Outlaws

In conclusion, one outfit has the potential to go a LONGGG way.

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New Years Day

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Hocking Hills, little path behind the cabin we stayed in was just long enough to kick the soccer ball around a bit.

Happy New Year?

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I have to admit, after a nice end to a rocky year, the New Year didn't start off with a bang as planned this morning. I set some intense (for me) training goals for the new year, starting this morning.
Then I couldn't sleep last night, had major bike problems this morning, strained my arm trying to fix it, and am getting a cold. So I missed spinning, running and bootcamp this morning.
Eh, tomorrow's another day, and I'll have a more positive post. A least there isn't a squirrel running around the house today!