Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clean Coal, Ethics, etc

Within the last two weeks, I decided to leave the area of remediation to move to work on only carbon sequestration. This was a very tough decision ethically, but the possiblilty of working on other projects in that department was wooing.

Then the mine collapsed. I feel like it's the new "Haiti", and overall mining in the US does not have a very high rate of deaths, but it does make one think about the impacts of resource mining on a community. The epidemiological and environmental impacts have a much greater indirect death and injury rate.

In other news, one of my fav professors is now director at the NETL, which funds most of our research; the professor I did undergrad research under was the research director at the Bureau of Mines during the Sago mine explosion and is now a 2011 nominee for the Society of Mining Engineering president. Somehow I feel like this is all related and a sign. The magic eight ball said "Better not tell you now" so I think that means "quit blogging and get back to studying."


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