Monday, May 17, 2010

Craft Showing Without A Car...

So as most know, I sold my car over two years ago. After moving a lot of heavy craft supplies this winter, I decided that this summer I would start selling things again, and not move them again next winter. I had been pondering getting a car as I'd like to get more into mountain biking and cyclocross, but I can't really justify those as valid reasons, so this summer's craft season would need to be done via Xtracycle. I invested in a light coat rack for the purses, a light camping table and a light folding chair. I used two Mountain Smith Cubes (possibly one of the most useful pieces of gear I own) and made a holder for the coat rack. Also invested in a jigsaw and made new jewelry stands that pack flat.
It did not look as cute as I had envisioned it (actually, it was noted that it looked like a homeless can collector), but I have plans to tweak it, and create more coordinating bags for next month. Overall though, it handled much better than expected, was lighter than expected (some days when I have my work stuff, workout clothes, swimming stuff & grab the farmshare, I think it's heavier) and I live less than a mile from the venue. Putting the two heaviest items ontop of the snapdeck instead of using the wideloader helped greatly. I was cruising at about 15mph, which isn't much less than I normally ride at.
One thing learned from this- most people (including myself) schlep much more stuff than needed to a craft show. I feel like I could have left a jewelry stand and a few bags at home.

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