Sunday, June 20, 2010

Artisan Sunday's at the North Market

Art in the Alley in The Gateway via Xtracycle

Yesterday was the "Art in the Alley" put on by ARTilleryOhio. Although one would never think to head to The Gateway for art and music, ARTillery is hoping to change this. There was a much-better-than-expected line-up of bands all day and about 12 vendors. And since way my last day of cheese and alcohol before buckling down on the training, it was nice to sit on the patio of Mad Mex and watch over my booth for a bit.

The highlight of the adventure was putting the EZ-Up type tent on the Xtracycle. Plus I had a few extra items on there to work on while sitting in the booth. Meaning, the kickstand could barely hold the unbalanced load. The tent says that it's 56 lbs, but it felt heavier, must have just been the poor weight distribution. I had a bit of help on the way home, which was very nice and all-in-all, it worked out!
Now headed to North Market Artisan Sundays!


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