Sunday, June 06, 2010

Girls Tri Too, Deer Creek

So, this summer, as a goal to try and keep in shape, I thought I'd give triathlons a go. Now, I haven't really swam in about a decade, and only then I swam with the swim team to try and get my knee inshape after the 1st ACL replacement.
I also don't really like to run, and am pretty slow on the bike. Anyways, I joined the RPAC and started swimming.
So this weekend was the first in the Girls Tri Too series, which is geared towards getting more women into the sport, it has shorter distances than a sprint-length triathlon and caters towards ladies who haven't raced.
I reached my goals - I didn't have to get rescued and I finished. The swim was easier than expected in terms of endurance and style, it was just a mess trying to swim. It was only 250 meters, and everyone was just mashed together. Some ladies were even just walking, and I think they were faster than I swimming.

It was at Deer Creek State Park and we had a nice time paddling around after. It was overcast so there were only a few other boats on the water, which was good as they do not have a horsepower limit there. And they had minigolf!!


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