Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wendy's Ladies Only Triathlon

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So Saturday was my second attempt at all this triathlon business. The night before I was so nervous that I was crappy and couldn't even breathe riding my bike around.
Once again, I participated in a shorter-than-a-sprint distance (probably about 2/3 the distance) in a Saturday, Ladies-only race. This time my pre-race nutrition was much better and I remembered to take water on my bike, so no stomach cramps on the run.
The swim was equally confusing, my goggles kept fogging up and everyone kept running into one another and I kept migrating towards the shallow water and hitting bottom. Then in the first transition I was so stressed about not having my socks that I forgot to put on my helmet. Oh well.
With all of that, I came out second in my age group, which is pretty crazy. 37th overall, which means that 24-29yr olds are slowwww.


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