Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tales of the Miami Trail

Not as much biking or bike camping as desired has been happening around here this summer, but I was fortunate to get out over the long holiday weekend.
The first day was rough for me. I should have listened to myself and taken two water bottles and I didn't have my wallet so I could not purchase things at my leisure. By the time we reached Milford I was so dehydrated and mad at myself for not listening to myself that I was very cranky. The town bank said it was 97 degrees out...
At this point, having not brought the map was not playing towards our advantage either. We continued south and weaved though Cincy to the HofBrausHaus.


Fortunately we were able to use some Marriot points and get a room, which meant no camping gear, which meant lighter bikes! Less stuff! Yes! And we got to watch the fireworks:
The 80 miles home the following morning were much nicer. Most likely since I slept til 10:30, but I was also able to stop and take some pics.
Downtown Cincy Sculpture Park:
An old school that was being renevated to become an Irish Heritage Center:
Airport with 2 amazing murals and a great artdeco bar:
Through this route we had a big breakfast but then sustained ourselves on Hawaiian Ice, lemonade and leftover 1/4 waffle piece. I thought we were fine in the 90 degree heat until about the 60 mile mark where I really wanted ice cream, and actually ate some. Mint Choc-chip, and it was goooddd. I must have been delirious. Or who knows, I may also start liking cats, dogs and other similar household pets that shed and have potential to produce bodily functions everywhere...



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