Friday, July 23, 2010

Week In Review

Last Sunday's North Market was met with downpour, and ended early.

Sleepy LaBeef at the Hey Hey in German Village.

A little swim at Alum, next to the guy in clothing with his metal detector:

A mountain bike ride with the ladies of Team Awesome/Jeni's a roadride with COTT

And, I've been able to bypass the FDA, so hopefully I'll be less crabby soon then I've been the lately...


  1. What do you mean you bypassed the FDA?

  2. Ordered some Domperidone from an online Canadian Pharmacy. Drs. Have been prescribing it for years and I've been wanting it for years, but since it's not FDA approved, you have to get a pharmacist to compound it for you, which is $$.
    . Johnny's been getting it for Sandy for a few yrs. Gonna see my regular Dr. For him to regulate the doses. Or maybe Ill just ask you...


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