Monday, September 27, 2010

King's CX

First cyclocross race of the year. It was much tougher than I remembered...It was in Deerfield Township, south of CBus and I was only able to race Saturday. I took 3rd (outta 4) in my division, winning me a pair of socks! Which was very handy as we decided to swing by Octoberfest in Cincy after, and I didn't have an extra pair...

IMGP3243IMGP3244Kings CX in Cinci

Octoberfest After King CX

Wanna see what the race was all about?! You can watch a bit of it from the men's cat 4 race below!


  1. Nice result for the 1st race of the year and really, who can't use more socks?

  2. Patrice,
    I am doing a skills practice tonight if you can come by....
    see the cbus cross practice blog


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