Friday, December 31, 2010

A quick review of 2010

January & Feb.: Gave up booze, sweets, bread, pasta, dairy. Felt awesome, belly problems went away, started eating fruit. But had to be on social lockdown, resulting in a good number of movies watch, probably should have read more. Made some stuff. Started swimming & doing P90X 3xs a week.
March & April: Got out a bit- mountain bike, bike camping, got a lot of road miles in, kayaked. A friend was killed in a climbing accident.
May & June: Started the craft circuit via xtracycle, climbed at Whittier a bit, rode two hours of TOSRV. Girls Tri Too, Wendy's and a few other triathlons. Actually got out and climbed. Discovered how awesome it is to go to Alum Creek to swim/kayak right after work. Attended a ladies mountain bike clinic in IN, started riding with Team Awesome/Jeni's Icecream. And Jeff got married!! Learned a new dance move that weekend too!
North Market via Xtracycle (4)P1010702
July & August: Rode from Yellow Springs to Cincy on a 99 degree day with barely any water, but discovered how sweet bike touring is when you just have a saddle bag & stay in a hotel. :-p Pittsburgh Triathlon, allowing me to see the fam and just jg a little bike tour of Pgh. Turned 29!!
P1030048Pgh Tri - Finally Finishing!P1020088P1030173
Sept & Oct: Deer Creek Tri, cyclocross started, sold some crafts. Visited the Prehistoric Forest on it's closing weekend!
Afternoon at AlumP1000202
Deer Creek Fall Challenge Mini-TriP1050031P1040457P1040469
UCI3 Day 2UCI3 Day 2 - masonP1050035P1050054P1050048P1050228
Nov & Dec: Thanksgiving, friends visiting, cyclocross, hockey, holidays!
Here's to the New Year folks!