Thursday, February 03, 2011

So here's the line up:

Since everyone has been posting their numbers and lists, here are mine:
Training time in January: basically zilch. I've run a bit, spun a bit, done some yoga, worked a lot and have had a lot of boguss excuses.
2011 line up:
2/6 - OSU indoor triathlon (though I may bail on this. Racing in an indoor pool has zero appeal, and I'm not exactly ready to put my suit on in front of many people. Ait's supposed to be 35 out, so I wouldn't mind getting 70 or so miles in on the bike then yoda in the evening...)

2/24 - Naples, FL golf trip (not really racing, but it'll nice to get out of the cold. I was looking for a race that Saturday, but all I could find are 3+ hrs away)

3/20 - Natchez Trace Tri (if I can track down a partner, I'd like to do the adventure race on the 19th) I'm really excited for this, I've never been to Nashville.
4/22 - Little Smokies Half Iron. This is very tentative, depending on where I am in training and budget, with the main goal being just to finish.
5/7-8 - TOSRV!

5/15 = Rev3 Knoxville. Olympic Distance, since it's supposed to be taper week for the main event the following week. So the Rev3 site gives you the option to have you raise funds for the The Ulman Fund. I'm already raising funds elsewhere, but they are a great organization that my cuz heads up, and are worth checking out.

5/21-23 - Ohio Triple T Super Sprint Tri Friday, Olympic distances Saturday morning & evening, 1/2 iron Sunday. Yes, I am terrified. The Saturday evening format is bike-swim-run, so I am also terrified of trying to squirm into my wetsuit at T1.

5-26-6/1 - Beachhouse! I will be doing absolutely nothing during this time.
6/5 - Deer Creek Tri or Warrior Dash

6/11-12 - Midwest Women's Mountainbike Clinic (tentative). I attended this last year, and it was really great, so I hope to go again.

7/10 - Ceasar Creek Tri
7/14-8/7 - Bike trip & Canadian fishing trip - maybe wishful thinking here, but I turn 30 that last week and would like the last few weeks of my twenties to be spent on my little bike...

8/30-31 - Pelotonia. I need to raise $2,200 this summer for the James Cancer Hospital, so feel free to click on the link & donate at any time!
So that's that! There might also be some fun happenings with Team Awesome/Jeni's Icecream too. Which is why I'm working two jobs & will have stuff on the etsy site soon! :-p
Sept 11 - Rev3Tri Cedar Point. I was on the fence about doing this last year and in the end didn't. Then of course I was totally bummed that I didn't, so I'm pretty excited for this year!! And I joined the blogger team over at 201ronman to share my progress! Check it out!


  1. Hey Patrice!
    I just came across you blog.
    You crack me up!
    I like how you add so much variety to your training.
    Are you doing Vineman this year?
    I'll be doing Barbs Race (Long course on the same course on the same day) It'd be cool to meet up!
    I look forward to following your adventures!!!!!

  2. I like your blog very much. My wife and I moved from Columbus to Boston in 2009 for her graduate degree. We're doing Rev3 Cedar Point also. I did a few Ohio tri's before we move. Definitely consider the Maumee Bay race put on HFP if you have the time next season. That's a fun race. Look forward to following you and your progress. I'm also on 201Ironman.


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