Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well a guy in a skeleton costume

Well a guy in a skeleton costume Comes up to the guy in the Superman suit Runs through him with a broadsword

03_20_2006 047
A few years back, between jobs, I had gotten my first 'new' car and took a few weeks to climb throughout the Carolinas. I feel like The Mountain Goats' We Shall Be Healed, Bitter Melon Farm, & Tallahassee albums (and some random Aesop Rock)were the only two on my mp3 player as we drove many miles. Miles of amazing memories. Fast forward a few years and past a failed attempt to see them play in Athens, to last evening. Amazing show. I always have a fear of seeing a band I love in fear that they won't be what my idealized image of them is. (Especially after an X show a few years ago). The Mountain Goats definitely did not dissapoint. They play Mr. Smalls tonight in Pgh, and it would definitely be worth your while to go.

At least watch/listen here. 03_20_2006 086 03_20_2006 038


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