Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50th TOSRV, day 2

It had stormed all night Saturday, and the fear of lightening striking the goal posts in the camping area and tent leaking all over me kept me up much of the night. Luckily though, the tent didn't leak all over my bike shorts, and I probably would have called for a ride home...
Sunday MorningIMGP4233a

When we got to the 'hilly' section, I feel like I found my legs again. I've been in physical therapy for bursitis, unequal hamstrings pulling my patella, and injured IT band on my knee that has had the ACL replaced 10, 11 & 13yrs ago. At this point, somehow it totally stopped feeling like knives were stabbling it everytime it hit 9o'clock. We were going pretty slow, so I haven't been able to totally tax it, but it was still pretty great. (especially since I really hate shelling out $15 each time for PTs/pseudo doctors to watch me stretch a green band)
IMGP4275a IMGP4285aIMGP4280aIMGP4290aSunday Lunch Stop
We took our good ol' time at the lunch station and caught up with friends, and waited for other folks who were riding down from Cbus.
Then hungout in Circleville until they basically pushed us out. It was just so rare that we see the sun here and couldn't help basking in it!


After few flats and some slow-going, we made it back to Cbus. Picked up our packets and bags, helped Charlie Pace move luggage, then headed to Tip Top. Pretty much a perfect way to spend a weekend.

Also of note: The Pearl Izumi Superstar Skirt is one of the most disapoitning pieces of cycling gear ever purchased. I get a prodeal on PI gear and am repeatly baffled on why anyone would pay full price for their goods, but this one takes the cake. I'm pretty sure no woman who rides a bicycle product-tested this. I had to stop & buy safety pins to it didn't look like I was riding in a loincloth with crappy mesh shorts underneath.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Nice pictures! I was in the campground, too, and I thought for sure somebody got zapped. I was a bit too close to that goal post for comfort.

    What is RMBC? I saw those guys off and on all weekend and I've been trying to figure out what it meant.

  2. RMBC is a little bike club.


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