Thursday, June 09, 2011

Midwest Craft Caucus

So last weekend the Midwest Craft Caucus was held in Columbus. It was a " grassroots conference designed to foster the growth and sustainability of the handmade business community" and over one hundred handmade business owners will gathered to learn strategies for forming a sold business foundation, identifying target markets, and reaching those markets both online and in person."
The event was well organized and everyone seemed impressed listening to the speakers or speaking. I only volunteered and stopped by for the Craft Corner Deathmatch at Wild Goose Creative.
Teams of two was challenged to think and craft on the fly, with a random selection of craft supplies, creations judged by a team of esteemed local judges. Blueberry Pomegranate Colt 45 was also served up.
Here are a few sub-par photos of the event:
Waiting to announce the 1st round cuts:
Made the cut with noodle pasties:
Queen of England:
Deathmatch guard Emily and MC Amy D
Winners bobaloo! and Sunder Afternoon Housewife with their amazing match belts from Flamstitch
And just so you're up to date on your Cbus Craft History, Amy D and I almost won the 1st Craft Showndown, back when there was LadyFest Ohio
AmyD at LadyFest MiniFestWallet making in the craft corner death match
I believe
Sweetie Pie Press took home the title then...
Card making in the craft corner death match

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  1. sometimes i think "what the hell is wrong with me?!" hahahhahahahaha


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