Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bike Camping (3)


Today's tidbit on bike camping will be & sweet. There are a few items I would like to review (new sleeping pad, riding in 103 degree weather, etc) but those will be best left for post-trip.
Small items that will improve riding happiness:

A way to read your route. Now the below pic is from a 40 miler, so no large maps were involved. But I definitely recommend an atlas of sorts. In the past, we've relied on the trail maps and our phones, but have learned that it's much easier to have a detailed map of the surrounding area too.
Route Holder
Sunglasses: Obviously protection from the sun and looking good, but to keep out bugs and my biggest enemy, pollen. The Adventure Cycling site also recommends them as it takes a large amount of energy for you to squint in the sun, which adds up over long days. And I have a fancy pair of prescription polarized amber lenses that makes seeing at dusk much easier.
Bottle Opener: A good carabiner works here too, but there are likely to be many tasty beers and Jarritos on your adventure...
Bike Camping (2)
Bike Camping (1)
or you can click through our 6 days on the Allegheny Passage here.
Happy Riding!
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