Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 4- Canada!

We left Evangola State Park, NY yesterday morning (early even! 9:30) and headed north on a nice lake-side road, it was hot already but there was a nice breeze off of the lake. About an hour in, JG got a flat and large storms rolled in as he started to change the tire. We stood in the rain for a while then a nice man & his 2 adorable daughters let us sit in their garage for the next 1.5 hrs or so as the storms passed.
The day cleared up, and we headed into Buffalo about 25 miles total. There were many city paths in Buffalo, though not well marked, so after an hour or so of JG trying to navigate, we decided to get a room & call it a day. Then all of our technology died, and more storms were headed in, so we headed to the Pearl St. Brewery. There were no available rooms in Buffalo, and it was 25 miles of path to Niagara Falls.
We left Buffalo after 5:30 and got across the border with no problems and into Niagara just before sunset. The path goes right up the Niagara Falls parkway, so you come right in on the back of the falls. It was really amazing. We had to pretty much pass through all the tourist overlooks on the water to get to a cross road to head to the hotel, made a left, climbed a huge hill and made a left onto the hotel street and it was much different an expected. we thought it would be an older, run-down type of town, but there's every large chain, starting it off with Margariettaville. We got our room & found a quiet Italian restaurant for dinner. We're going to take the day off today to get some actual maps, a helmet (of course I forgot mine at home) etc...

This summer, the I am raising funds with Battelle of the St. James Cancer Center and riding 180 miles for the cause. Please support my effort at pelotonia.org.


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