Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bike Trip 2011: Day 0 Recap

Pittsburgh, PA to Perth, ON - Day 0

So we relaxed, gathered our items, did a test run, and decided to catch a ride to Morain State Park, about 20 miles from my parents house in Freedom, PA. We stopped at Primanti Bros since resturants in Ohio don't usually include fries on your sandwiches, or sell Yuengling. We got to Bear Run Campground and picked a primitave spot wayyyy in the back. PA state parks (at least Western PA) don't have DNR camping in the park, so your options are privatized KOA-esque places. Basically communities. We drove way in the back and it was secluded, but for $35 a night, I was hoping for more than a plot of dirt & a port-o-potty a ways a way. But by the end of the trip, I would have paid double for the quiet.
This was basically JG's Vanilla's maiden voyage, so there were lots of blankets and coddling and worries about it being on a trailer. So many worries that it made me forget my helmet. :-p IMGP7000
My parents left us and we rolled down into the main area to get a slush and I took a dip. Both hit the spot!

We climbed into the tent around 10 and it was hot as hell. A bit unbearable, there was no airflow in the tent, even with the fly off. And way too many mosquiotos to sleep outside the tent. We chatted about how just a mosquito net would have enough, but later in the trip when it was storming, the tent was really the best idea.

Our sleeping gear is another story though. I scrambled like a mad lady the prior days trying to find a lighter sleeping pad. I had ordered a Vaude Tour from Liberty Mountain but it was much more bulky than anticipated upon arrival. So I headed to Everest Gear to seek out on with my groupons. I was interested in the Therm-a-rest Proair, but ended up with the lighter, smaller, more expensive Thermorest NeoAir Pad.It is not a typlical self-inflating pad made if 2 relatively thick peices of material seamed on 2 sides. Has the structure of a rectangular inflatable raft you would pick up at Hills along with your banana boat tanning lotion. Remember how they always sunk in the middle where your butt was. This did basically the same thing. I couldn't get it to inflat enough to be firm, so my butt and head were on the ground, the rest of my body concave to the ground. Major backpain.
That mat, and JG's was similar in structure but from Big Agnes, plus my Big Anges inflatable pillow, whenever one of us would move it basically sounded like two ballon animals doing it.

See our previous post on packing, next post on Day 1 or the whole Flickr Set!
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