Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap- Day 1 in PA

Moraine State Park to Lake Wilhelm, PA via State Bike Route A - 40 mi route

Day 1 started off relatively early as by 7:30 it was unbearably hot in the tent. We rolled out of our campsite & down to the main area in the RV city where we ran into the nice owner of the campground, who kindly gave us pins. We apprehensively rode out to start out journey....
After about 10 miles in we stumbled upon the Harlansburg Station Transportation museum. The heat index was 105, so we were already welcoming a bit of shade. We didn't go through the museum, which was actually in a traincar, but I picked up some miniature people and we chatted with the attendant, whose daughter is a DJ on Sunny 97 in Columbus.
Occasionally we had to stop a bars for ice. The heat was pretty intense.
After a short mental breakdown before a large hill, we made it into Mercer, PA. We sat on the lawn infront of the coutrthouse to have lunch and nap a bit. On our way into town, a man told us that we just 'had to stop in the courthouse', 'nicest he's ever seen'. And it was actually pretty stunning.
We then pressed on. We ran out of water around mile 30, and as we were pulling over to look at the map under a tree, the homeowners were headed out camping themselves & let us use their spicket. The kindness of people towards folks touring on bikes is pretty amazing
We continued on to Lake Wilhelm and ended up a Camp Wilhelm, God's Family Campground. We had no prior knowledge of the religious affiliation, but there was no way I was traveling 3 miles uphill to get to another site.
We set up camp on a nice little plot and the camp store had wifi, Monopoly pinball, bubble hockey, Area 51 and a jukebox, so it was an amusing night. Rain was coming in so sadly, I could not swim. Or be baptized. As the storm rolled in, we wondering if every Friday night they just had a re-enactment of the rapture, similar to the ceiling in Caesar's Place.

At this campground, they gave you a flyswatter, pen, pad and magnet/letter opener with your spot.

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