Friday, August 19, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap - Day 2 in PA

Lake Wilhelm to Erie, PA - 65 mi route

It stormed throughout the evening, which was great as it brought the temperature down under 100. We continued north on Hwy 19/PA State Bike Route A. A ways in we hit a bit of a roadblock and had to take old 19. Dirt-road old 19.
no bridge left to pass over
pretty amazing woodcuts a guy was selling in his yard
Lunch stop in a church lawn. Homemade seitan, hard rolls, cheese and mustard were on the menu
Finally made it into Erie. The Presque Isle area of Erie was a common childhood vacation spot for us, teeange soccer tournaments were held there (and we would sneak up to the beach in HS), and though I remembered the drag of motels, I would have never anticipated the vast number of people on the penninsula. The campground we had marked to stay at, had calm pictures on their website, and google maps indicated a nature preserve/environmental center near it. This was not the case at all. Sara's Campground was an RV park with some beach camping. Luckily they had a space for us (there were only 2 sites left in this entire huge place) and it was relatively quiet most of the evening, and the folks with a popup trailer next to us were very nice.
Waldameer Park. I wish we would have planned differently so we could have gone to the park.
Made it to Erie. Couldn't track down a Green Monster, but the Yuengling is cold. About 60 miles today. Much easier than yesterday....
Around 2am a couple rolled in near us and started loudly partying to the John Tesh radio show. Combined with the heat & mosquitos made for little sleep that evening. The mosquitos were so full of our blood that when we smashed them, a hefty amount of blood squirted out. The tent looked like a massacre occurred in it by morning.

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