Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap - Day 3

Day 3 - Erie, Pa to Evangola State Park, NY. 72 mile route IMGP7268
We awoke to a slight bit or rain and climbed out of the penninsula area and hopped up into the main area in Erie. We were torn between riding a marked 'scenic bikeway' or out proposed path, so after dipping down into the harbor once, we continued on our non-scenic way up route 5.
We continued out of Erie and hit wine country. Since we didn't stop to get supplies before leaving Erie, when we got to the rest stop in , we were pretty beat.
37 in, 37 to go. Bit of a headwind today & mild rollers. Noisy camp neighbors made for little sleep last night...IMGP7289
Approaching our destination, it turned into kitcshy roadstops nearing the casino, and there was an amazing store...
Then finally rolling into Evangola State Park. Camping at a state park was so refreshing. Cars were not allowed to park near the campsites and some of the sites even overlooked the water. We got in just in time to catch the sunset. We ate some delicious quinoa, had a few beers and headed to bed. Mosquitoes weren't too bad here.
I got up early the next morning and shot some pics too. Here is where I really wish that I would have brought running shoes. It would have been great to get in a few miles in the hours before JG awoke and would have helped move around some other muscles and save my endurance.
The campsite was on the cliff above where the beach meets the cliff:

Read about the prevous Day 2, the next day, or look at the entire Flickr photo set


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