Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap - Day 4 NY to ON

Day 4 - Evangola State Park, NY to Niagara Fall, ON 60 mile route IMGP7355
After a peaceful night of rest, we actually got the wheels rolling early, around 9:30. We continued to head up 5, I believe it's also call the "lakeside route" or similar. It was really beautiful here. There were large homes, nice roads and we could watch the storm rolling in from the lake. About an hour in, JG had a flat and we pulled over in a yard to change the flat. The flat couldn't have happened at a better time. We were able to pull over into an actual yard (most of the properties were surrounded by gated fences & security booths) and the owner ended up being a mountain biker who recently had broken his collarbone so was home watching his two young girls. The storm ended up being pretty bad, lasting about 2 hours. The temperature dropped significantly and I kinda wished that we would have brought rain gear. After leaving, we decided to not follow the Adventure Cycling map to Buffalo. Their route had to you inland, passed a historical place in regards to the Underground Railroad and a Pedalling Museum. The only downfall of the Adventure Cycling routes is that it doesn't indicate if it takes on a specific path because the direct route has less-than-desirable conditions, or if it's just to sitesee. So we took 5 basically into Buffalo. Buffalo has a good amount of bike paths, but they were not labeled so well. The AC maps was a bit dated, the Google Maps car doesn't seem to have accurately driven in Buffalo, and the Greater Buffalo Maps are a bit too large to easily view on your phone.
After about an hour of riding around, we were mentally beat & stopped to see if we could find a hotel for the night. Unbelievably, all the hotels were sold out for the night and all of our technology was dead. So we headed to the Pearl Street Brewery to recharge devices & get wifi for the ipad. We had only gone 36 miles for the day (it was probably about only 25 into Buffalo, then 10 of wandering around...) so we decided to push onto Niagara Falls and found a room there for the night. So we crossed the border...
Then headed up the Niagara Parkway. The Parkway is a service road with a path next to most of it, but paths can get annoying fast when used for transportation not recreation, so we stuck to the road.
The route was so amazing. The road comes right into the back of the Falls, and the tourists were already gone for the day. It was the lull before the storm though. The road then drops down into the area of the Falls, which was pretty crowded. We then climbed up the steepest hill on the trip (glad there were a million tourists around or I may have been tempted to push my bike), and headed to the Marriott/Fallsview Hotel.

From the hotel:

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