Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap - Day 7 Toronto

Day 7 - Bronte to Toronto, ON 33 mile route
We ate some breakfast at Tim Hortons then headed out from the Quality Inn to Toronto. We stopped about 10 miles in to get toothpaste, and I dicovered that I had lost my wallet. This is pretty standard for me traveling (china, seattle, patagonia), and originally I had a credit card stashed with my passport and separately a debit card with my liscense. But at some point I put the cc with the liscense and dc, so all sources of $$ were now gone. I think that I left it in bed after we went to Tim Hortons, but the hotel never found it. We pushed in though industrial areas, and were able to finally find a bike shop that was open. Sadly, they only had giant tubes of chamios cream, so we didn't get any, but JG bought me some socks and a triathlon magazine to cheer me up. So nice of him!
We also saw a bird with a lure though it's beak which was sooo sad:
We rolled into the Courtyard in downtown Toronto on Young Street, first passing through the financial district where they were handing out Carlsberg beer for free on the sidewalk. Luckily I still had my passport & realized that everything was okay. The Courtyard was so amazing because it had LAUNDRY FACILITIES and FREE INTERNET! (the internet in the regular Marriott's is around $15 a night but you can only have one device on it, ridiculous)
We had cocktails and swam while we did laundry then headed out. We had dinner at the Beer Bistro consisting of a wonderful mushroom & blue cheese flatbread pizza and steamed greens. It was so refreshing to eat a meal out that wasn't beer & cheese fries. (though we could probably write a "beer and cheese fry cycling tour of Lake Ontario book now...) We stopped at the 3 Brewers Microbrewery on the way back to the hotel, honestly expecting a palatable beer and I really wanted a piece of cake. To our suprise, the belgium was delicious and resonably priced. I wanted to try one of the beer cocktails on the menu, but the belgium came in a bottle and it was enough.
I woke up early in the am and wandered around Toronto and shot some pics.
hockey hall of fame:

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