Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Trip Recap - Day 5 - Rest day!

Tourist Day!
We took an extra night to enjoy the luxuries of the Marriot/Fallview Hotel and try and track down a few items. Sadly, they did not have laundry facilities, so we washed some items in the sink & made good use of the hotel pool.  The only bikeshop was about 5 km from the hotel, so we got to walk through all the new, crazy, casino tourist area where our hotel was, then explore downtown Niagara Falls, track down a helmet for myself (though no chamios cream) and other tolietries. We stopped at Taps Brewery which was actually really good. We have found the most microbrews just don't have quality beers, but this one was a pleasant suprise. They were also an anomoly as you could get growlers to go and they export 6 packs to Toronto to sell. Ontario's liquor laws are similar to Pennsylvania's in that you can only buy beer by the case, no takeout from bars, not sold on holidays, etc.  We also stopped at their sister brewery, which didn't have as great a selection of beers or food, then stopped at the casino.  The hotel resturant had great food and drinks, so we stopped there before heading to bed.
we clean up nicely!
From the hotel bar: mango alcoholic slushie with Boone's farm sangaria around it

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