Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bike Ride 2011- Day 8

Day 8 - Toronto to Darlington Provincial Park, ON - 45 mile route
Left Toronto shortly after noon and continued heading east. It was a bit industrial/dusty getting out of Toronto and once again swapped between following the Waterfront Trail and a more direct approach on the Roads.
Lunch at a beach south of the Darlington Nuclear Power Generating Station:

The trail went through some rambling coastal wooded areas, seems like land that was owned by the power station, then we rolled into the Provincial Park
Though sometimes it becomes a pain that we don't leave earlier in the am to start our days (Beer Stores close early, or we were worried that there wouldn't be camping space available at the park), the natural light of the sunsetting makes up for it.

The Provincial Park was a warm welcome. As opposed to government parks in the states, they allow alcohol. Though a nice ammenity, we were a bit concerned when the group of 12 college kids across from us had many cases of beer.  We were pleasantly suprised. The campsite was totally quiet at 11pm, and we enjoyed delicious quinoa. As did this bug:
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