Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bike Ride 2011 - Day 9

Day 9, Darlington Provincial Park, ON to Cobourg, St. Edwards Isle - 40 mile route
We headed east out of the Provincial Park, winding through on the Waterfront Trail.
Some of the trail was a little gnarly but the terrain was a welcomed change. One uphill that was tough to push the bike up.
We faired it fine, but there was an older couple we rode a bit with, and I could see it putting a damper on your day.
The temperature had really crept up again, and a bolt had rattled off of JG's rack, so we stopped in Cobourg.IMGP7679IMGP7688
I wasn't feeling amazing and the route wasn't that great during the day, so we admitted mental defeat and tried to find a place to camp for the evening. No such luck, so we stayed at Scotty's Motel.
In retrospect, we should have asked Scotty if we could just pitch the tent in his yard, as the room was stuffy & we really wanted to fire up the Jetboil and eat quinoa.
Cobourg is an upper-scale beach town, so we headed back into town to get pizza, look at sand sculptures and watch a movie on the bigscreen on the beach.
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