Monday, October 10, 2011

Bike Ride 2011 Recap- Day 10

(okay, so it was over two months ago, but better late then never...)
Day 10, Cobourg to Wellington, Canada - 50 mile route
We slowly rolled of bed in Scotty's Motel and made the decision to head back into downtown Colbourg to find coffee, wifi and charge the ipad.
Plotting/scheming/being lazy
On the way in, we ran into a friendly generous fellow cyclist who rode in with us and bought us coffee. He helped us navigate our next day or so and it was nice to have conversations with more than just the two of us. After two hours or so, we got back in the saddle.
We were having some issues with where to camp for the evening (google maps put the dot along our route, but in reality would have taken us about 20 miles out), but were able to find a plot at Ray's Cottages east of Wellington in Bloomfield, Ontario on Price Edwards Isle. It was really a gem.
The sun was setting beautifully on the lake, men were fishing on the dock, a group was bowling with wine bottles in the RV area, but it was quiet around us. The mosquitoes weren't as bad and we had curried lentils and sodas.
Oh yeah, there was the yeti of Lake Ontario too
Read about the previous day here, Day 11 here.


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