Monday, October 10, 2011

Bike Trip 2011 Recap- Day 11

Wellington, Canada to Kingston, Ontario - 57 mile route
We lazily woke up at Ray's Cottages, tore down the tent & pushed on. The temperature was up again, but there was a nice breeze on the island. A few miles out, we stumbled upon the Bloomfield Bike Shop. One guy stopped traffic infront of a bank in a strip mall to tell us about this shop & a guy who bought us coffee one morning had the "TV sucks, ride your bike" logo shirt on, so we stopped. It was a little disappointing that we didn't need anything- it really was a great little shop, carrying a number of CA made hats, and local, organic tolietries. And in general, the price on everything in there was hard to beat.
About 17 miles east of Wellington is Glenora, where you need to hop on the ferry back to the mainland. 2 miles away from the ferry is "Mountain on the Lake" which is was heavily suggested that we go see and I had read about earlier. We definitely weren't in the mood to go climb to see anything with 'mountain' in the title, though in retrospect I wish we had. Oh well. The ferry ride was really great though. Only about 5 minutes in length, the views were amazing and one guy got out of his car to chat with us, little dog in arms- and little dog had a Steelers collar on. Sweet
We then pushed on to Kingston
We arrived in Kinsgton, attempted to swim at the hotel then headed into downtown Kingston. We cruised through the beautiful historical district and found Ontario's oldest brewery.
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