Monday, November 07, 2011

Newest addition...

Pentax K-r! 
I had been using a Pentax i*ist DS since early 2005, but about 2 years ago the light meter started to go.
Now mind you, I'm rough on things- to say the least- this camera had been drug around, dropped in ice & choss heaps, running in the streets, and in particular - left outside overnight during a thunderstorm. It spent a few weeks in a rice bag, and seemed fine immediately after.
I had the innards replaced in the spring, but it didn't correct the problem. The lightmeter wasn't correctly functioning- shots would be yellowtoned, and the dial didn't function properly to set the aperture or the speed at the same time. 
So I bit the bullet and caved for a new Pentax. It was a bit hard to pass on the new models of compact DSLRs, but the cost was a bit much, considering I have a stash of regular Pentax lenses.
So behold! The new (silly red) camera!


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