Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bokeh experiments

So after a holiday season passing and amazing images posted on the DPS blog about beautiful xmas images, I wanted to give it a go. Grant it, I feel like I have a decent 'eye' but poor technique. For some reason it's really difficult for me to correlate and remember all my aperture, f-stop, lens, iso, etc data about an image (maybe if I could somehow import it into excel...) so at first the bokeh techniques weren't working for me. I even made my dad watch the tutorial on it, but the physics were still getting me.
So I gave up on my DIY cover and bought the kit from photodojo. Turns out that it wasn't much more advanced than my cardboard version, but there was something reassuring that someone was actually selling (and providing help and guaranteeing this setup).
So without further ado, I bring to you my vintage Annalee mice and my poor Bokeh attempt. Pentax K-R with stock 18-55mm lens
So the filters are presented bottom right, to top right then top left then bottom left of the mouse...
Fleur de lis

IMGP9889-fleur de lis

Annnnddd this was a test shot with not filter....
IMGP9877-heart outline
hazard sign:
Overall, I think it was a photography bummer

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mass Worm Suicide Attempt

So years ago I fell in love with Ken and Amy's vermicomposting table and made a crude version-
I used a table purchased from an Amish furniture supplier, ground covering fabric from a remediation job in Dayton, a plexiglass cover that was melted subsequently after installing, worms from amazon.com, no LCD screen or IR camera... but I loved it.
The system wasn't perfect- it was difficult to keep it moist and has sat without tenants for the last few years.
I got a new batch of worms this week and threw them in there last night- though I didn't inspect the bottom of the bag...
 Originally I had stitched coco coir twine in the bottom to be able to open and close it- it never worked all that well and remained closed all the time. But, the twine had degraded a bit and there was an opening. I had lined the bottom with a trash bag to try and keep moisture in this time before putting the worms in.  So they had to climb up the bag, over it, then down and out of the opening to escape. They REALLY wanted out and about 5% made it out. Then they shriveled and perished. It was pretty sad.
So later in the day (after a few more had escaped) I pulled out the trusty awl, we stitched up the bottom, then I lined it with a 1/4 of a trash bag then a corner of a couch-cushion cover that we replaced earlier in the day. Added a dead potted basil plant that was on a window sil and scraps from breakfast.
Hopefully they will love this new set-up!
so sad:

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Years Day Traditions

You are a Member!
Laminated Love. And the card it came in contained a Richard Feynman quote. Love me some Feynman
I had a bit of a seitan failure over Xmas, so we weren't able to get 'sausage' texture, and it was a bit salty, but worked perfectly fried up with the kraut and carrots for a quick (we lounged around snacking all day, not really in the mood for dinner, but around 11pm, I was too nervous our year wouldn't be lucky, so quickly made it up)
We typically eat asian fare NYE, lucky noodles and such, but we actually partied this year. whoah!

Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 in iphone pics

first hike of the new year
bought a car, got it towed
Exactly my thoughts.
hit the beach with friends and family
tough spots and family
climbed a bit in vegas, golfed a bit in naples
adventure race and a Rev3 tri
made some stuff, zombies bought it
Little rusty on the booth set-up...Monsters are invading the North Market
got some glasses, lost them at Chris's wedding
Chris's wedding! With @Tracermedia
pretty much took the year off from exercising and eating well, but still pulled off TOSRV, Pelotonia and an awesome 630 mile bike ride
Ready for Pelotonia, thanks everyone so much for the donations!!2.2 hrs ride time, 24 miles. Its hotDay 2 of riding beginsCamp for the evening. 60 miles in today, much easier than yesterday. It stormed last night which dropped the temps below 100. Hit a little snag about 20 min out- bridge on 19 was out, but found a dirt road detour on Old Perry Highway. Temps were in the mi
holidays with friends and family
Still on the holiday flurry....Ladies!ThanksgivingRevival of the hippie grungers..
cross season and pinball bikerides
I attribute today's lack of mechanical failures, crashing & success in the sand pit on my ridiculous glove/warmer comboStop 2
one of us turned 40, one of us 30, and whoah, we got engaged
So Happy New Year!
NYEHoliday hive!!
Happy New Year. From Tony!
What's on the 2012 horizon?
driving less, getting back in the pool and on the climbing walls, Barry Roubaix with the Jeni's ladies, a wedding, a bikeride from Cbus to New Orleans (hopefully to Austin!), veganism and cooking, learning my new camera, at least two triathlons this spring/summer, fun bikerides, family & friends time.