Monday, May 21, 2012

AOA Mayhem Enduro

The 2nd race in the Ohio Power Series put on by 331 racing out at The Wilds. 5 time trial mountain bike stages with recovery paths in between. A really great way to race. Though we weren't the fastest team, we had a blast. I hit jumps and had more confidence in the 29er's on the roots (much better than my previous adventure to the wilds). Misjudged a jump as a roller on the 4th stage and smashed my face off of the other side, but you'll have that sometimes...
First groups heading out:
us on the course:
Getting Ready @ AOA Mayhem EnduroPhil @ AOA Mayhem Enduro
Pre-faceplant @ AOA Mayhem EnduroAmy @ AOA Mayhem Enduro
Phil, Amy and I post-race
AOA Mayhem Enduro Team
The guys from Paradise Garage were really nice and crushed it a bit.
I got some socks as a consolation prize for actually finishing and the guy who cleaned me up gave me his Dirt Rag bottle for my trophy case...
Here's my face the next day, then 6 weeks later... It was kinda numb the whole summer...Untitled

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  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    you totally sneak photog'd us! I had no idea :)


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