Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stony Creek 12hr/ice cream mania

So Team Jeni's Ice Cream traveled to Stony Creek park north of Detroit to partake in Fun Promotion's mountain bike race. We had a 3-women 12hr relay team, coed 12hr relay team, and 2-man 6hr relay team.
12 hr Stony Creek Race
The course was fast and fun, smooth single track, wide 'bridges', super fast gravel, quick hills.  I accidentally got off track on the first lap and did almost 16 miles instead of the 10.5 or so, but it was a fun lap and I finished it in 1:33. The next two were much harder than I would have ever anticipated, I definitely didn't intake enough (barely any) calories in the 2 off-hours between laps. My next laps (~10.5 miles) came in at 1:16 and 1:12. Yeesh.
My relay teammates: (I did not receive the same tag-out between laps)
I asked our sponsor for a banner for our tent. While they couldn't drum one up last-minute, they gave us 180 pints of their amazing icecream to hand out. It was really cold:
This flavor was described by one of the race officials as 'evoking memories of his grandmother's banana bread.'
Racers love ice cream:
Post-race tent-feast mainly consisted of: pork skewers, seitan, beer, ice cream, Twizzlers.


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