Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bike Trip Day 1

Bike Trip Day 1- downtown St. Louis to Hazlett State Park, Carlyle, IL
68 miles
Scuffled around a bit in the am double checking the trail access point and overall route and finally headed out after a breakfast of 2 oranges and caved for 1/4 of a hotel waffle. (which I immediately regretted, of course)
Upon finding the trailhead I felt better that I had turned around the previous evening. There were no markings through the city until you got to the actual trailhead and it wasn't the best neighborhood to be lost in.
The trail was nice and flat, pretty uneventful ride all-in-all. I was starting to bonk around mile 30 but a grocery magically appeared and I was able to stock up on fresh produce. The next 44 miles were fueled by grapes and pumpkin seeds and I felt great.
I stayed at Hazlet Park Campground which was well maintained- clean spots, $8/night, clean warm showers, nice female camp host. I chose a spot on the lake and it was lovely to listen to the waves crash against the shoreline all evening.
After a warm shower I had a stellar dinner of curried quinoa with carrots, almost a whole bag of spinach and dried pineapple desert. The mosquitoes feasted on my calves. Started reading Eat and Run: My Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness before bed.
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