Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bike Trip Day 2

Bike Trip Day 2- Carlysle, IL to Charley Brown Memorial Park, Flora, IL. 63 miles
Woke up early and it was pretty cold out. I don't function well under 70 degrees so I mustered in the tent for a while and decided to head to Flora, IL (I thought about 40 miles away) instead of all the way to East Fork Lake (~95), so I figured I could sleep a little longer. By the time I got all packed up it was after 11 again and I realized it was closer to 55 miles away. Which was disconcerting as the rain was supposed to roll in around 6 and I prefer setting up the tent before the sun sets.
So I headed off. I had a route set to go north of 50E but was already off route 3 miles in so I just took 50 for a few miles. It turned out to be a bit busy for my liking so I headed north then east on back roads. I returned to the original route I had mapped then diverted again so I could drop into a town to hit a large chain store for warm pants, a replacement hoodie, pepper spray (a dog had just chased me for about a mile on a gravel road- but they didn't sell it) and a knife (forgot mine). It was about 3:00 and the rain started coming down. I waited it out a bit, enjoying peanut butter and carrots and batter with the locals. Folks always ask about the long bike and it seems pretty common for a guy to say 'when I was 15 I rode from here to here in x amount of time'. Maybe it's some boy rite-of-passage thing....
The rain was nothing torrential, but enough to be annoying on my glasses & hands and weigh the bike down a bit. And apparently my rain jacket no longer repels water...
I recharged again with pumpkin seeds and grapes. Discovered that dehydrated lemons and sea salt in water is a pretty refreshing alternative to a powdered sports drink. Finally made it to Charley Brown Memorial Park. It seems to be a pretty large park with a large Christian camp adjacent. There was no apparent office to check into, so I found a spot next to a pavilion so I could attempt to dry everything out. The sign said $15 a nite for a spot but they only charged me 5 in the am.
I had an amazing dinner of avocado, red pepper and spicy quinoa on raw red pepper tortillas. Carrots and peanut butter appetizer. Chatted with a women and her kids as they dinned on the other side of the pavilion.
Continued reading Eat and Run: My Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness and listened to Library of Congress recordings:Woody Guthrie.
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