Friday, October 12, 2012

Bike Trip Day 3

Bike TripDay 3, Flora, IL to Olney, IL 45 miles
It's always difficult for me to get out of the tent when it's less than 60F.
The weather was a steady mist, so I wasn't able to take many photos, but the terrain for the majority of the time during the day was 'trudging through sandy gravel'
Though it was slow going, I was in good spirits. When I arrived at the park at East Fork I was pretty happy to be done riding early in the day so I had a bit of fun.
It was actually pretty cold out when not moving, but I sat by the lake, eating a snack, anticipating a warm shower and hot quinoa. When I arrived at the camping location, it was actually an RV park. Like a full-on RV park, where residents had vegetable gardens. Needless to say, the owner wanted way too much for me to put down my tiny, 1 person tent. Feeling defeated I had the option to ride 20 more miles to a state park. It was early enough in the day for that option, but the park website boasted the 'highest point between Cincinnati and St. Louis" and I couldn't get a judge of where the camping actually was in the park, so I opted for 9 miles and a motel room. It was a good choice so all my stuff could dry out and I dinned on some great Mexican food and $0.90 margaritas.
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