Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bike Trip Day 5

Red Hills Nature Preserve to Washington, Indiana 45 Miles
Woke up to a beautiful morning beside the lake:
In general, it was a pretty straightforward riding day and pleasant enough out to take photos:
Vincennes, IN
Most of the view was fields and gravel roads:
I ended up calling the trip to an end that evening in Washington, IN. It was a tough call, as I as finally getting into the touring groove and meeting people, but there was an opportunity in Columbus that retrospectively I am very glad I came back for.
There's always time again for a bike trip! (for now...)
Lessons learned:
  • The bike shipped at 70lbs. Add camera gear, water, some veggies and me and it was probably at 230lbs. Thats pretty heavy to go plowing through a mix of concrete and gravel on old tires.
  • Don't skimp on the comfy clothes. It was a last minute decision not to take a wool hoodie and pants but it was cold and I could have used them.
  • Every small town now has a Walmart, so you'll never be a stranded vegan. Though I don't promote buying things there, most of the time there weren't other options open and gas stations didn't provide much more than over-salted treenuts.
  • Find a map app for the ipad that doesn't rely on service
  • It's worth the few extra $$ to camp in an RV spot to charge your devices and be close to the restroom when it's 50F out
  • Female solo bike touring isn't as scary as (people who have never toured) think it is. I didn't run into even one sketch situation, but encountered at least a dozen very nice folks.
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