Monday, October 08, 2012

Packing... bike trip 2012

So my bike trip was cut short, but here's what I took with me:
I felt like I have too much of some, too little of others. sigh. Previous trips weren't solo (and I was in much better shape), so I was more able to bring frivolous items.
Top Row L to R:
Marmot women's pounder sleeping bag; Thermarest Neo-Air (it was a toss up between this and the ProAir- have both, not entirely fond of either); Marmot Precip; Team Jeni's short gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, Patagonia wool liner glovesGORE bike socks (one of my fav pieces of gear); I/O wool sweat pants & zippered hoodie (ended up not bringing these but ended up buying simlar) Ibex wool ls baselayer shirt; Homage Steelers shirt; Giro helmet, Team Jeni's hat
2nd row, L to R:
Team Jeni's bibs, Icebreaker wool cycling shorts (these are great); 2 Jeni's shirts, PI short socks; Saucony Originals Bullet running shoes, flipflops; MSR Hubba tent (kinda wish I would have had the hubba-hubba); camp towel, wool from Argentina '06, crochet hook.
Above that: bungie cord, some reflective cord,red reg, lube, glasses, mini-dry bag for electronics/various electroncis Giro cross shoes. (Possibly a bad call wearing brandnew shoes, but the Pearl Izumi Enduros I usually wear were accidentally still in the freezer); skewers and Crank Bros pedals, other regular tools; Knog lock; Below the camp towel/yarn ball: front Basil bag
3rd row L to R:
Food stuffs: Raw on 10's Chia breakfast crackers, red pepper wraps from Sunny and Raw Kitchen peppita/sunflower seed mixes, Jetboil scrapper and stove, Light my fire spork, 3cps quinoa, dehydrated lemons with salt, dried cranberries. Next row: good amount of nutritional yeast, stew/broth from A fork in the Trail and a curried sweet potato broth, TVP. Below that - 2 waterbottles w pink cages, 2 1L water bladders, cooking towel. Moving on: 2 black sports bras, Patagonia boy shorts, black tank.
You can read about Day 1 here


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