Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Saturday...

The day starts on a back road to a crag that's been closed for a decade. You have stars in your eyes as you imagine a crag without any other people or dogs around. Then you start walking.
you can see bolts in the distance, but green areas surround it, so you let the guys bushwhack and muster it over for a while.
you push a button and the well starts pumping. you start to think that this crag is still closed, and for good reason.
Then one finds a road that leads right to a bolt line. There are more bolts to the right, but no apparent trail to get to them. An idea is pitched to climb up 2 of these bolts, then traverse over.
but then you bushwhack a path and find some great rock
Then the rain comes, and it really comes. and you drive like a rally car out of the valley. then you realize one of them didn't grab your phone.
so the rain stops, and you have a beer, go back through the rough terrain, hike in, find it, smile.
then you find another few bolts and climb some more.
then swim/bathe and crown royal round out the day
Oil Crack Crag, PMRP, Red River Gorge, KY


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