Monday, September 16, 2013


Temporama by Canonsburg.
The Temporama pattern is personally one of my favorite dinnerware patterns. Actually, one of the few household items that I am interested in and would love to own. I can't find many details about the histroy of it, but here's what I could find about the manufacture:

Canonsburg Pottery was started as Canonsburg China Company in Canonsburg, PA in 1900 by John George. In 1959 they bought the molds and equipment from the Steubenville Pottery Company when it closed down and continued making some of their patterns under the Steubenville name. Canonsburg went out of business in 1978. Though Temporama is very 1960s in style and color, Canonsburg is probably best known for its floral patterns.
Side note: If I didn't rock climb, I would totally get nails like this.
This necklace has found a good home outside of the US, but you can find others in my Etsy Shop!


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