Friday, May 30, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Craig's 3rd annual goat roast

Sadly, no pics of the goat or great side dishes, but better family pics than last time I was there.IMGP9233IMGP9203

AOA Mayhem

AOA Mayhem
Opening beer bottle with spokes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zach & Mer's Shower

Always nice to catch up with the ladies of the family.  A lovely mimosa-fueled lunch for Mer's shower.
my Mom and I
cousins Erin & Kristen and Aunt Nancy
cousin Kelly and Aunt Joyce
Bride-to-be and cousin Zach
And best wishes to the couple!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fort Duffield


Bybee Pottery

Bybee Pottery is considered the oldest pottery operation in the United States west of the Appalachian Mountains. Employees still procure the yellow clay from a nearby source close to the banks of the Kentucky River.
In February 2011, Bybee Pottery laid off its eight remaining employees, sold off remaining in-store inventory and suspended operations. While it is neither producing nor selling products at this time, owners have stated that there is product formed that could be fired
It didn't really look like much could happen in that building when I was there, but you never know...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


why it's essential to have a church on speed-dial in western pa.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stony Creek Mtb Race

The folks from Team Jeni's braved the weather  and headed to Michigan this past weekend for the Stony Creek 6 and 12 hour endurance mountain bike race.
We quickly set up the tent in the sun while Amy fanned back her hair and I arranged all my things in a parking spot we were supposedly saving in case other teams needed a spot... IMGP9055IMGP9054
The crowd and race pool was much smaller than the times we had been at this race before,  but at 8am Jen quickly started off for our women's 12hr trio and Chris of Team SixOneFour headed out for the men's trio. The course came in just shy of 10 miles and it was pretty fast with 3 climbs, a small technical section, a few puddles in low areas, a fast gravel section and a gravel section that felt like quicksand (to me anyways...)
Jen and Chris finish up the lap as Sarah and Amy (6 hour duo team) skeptically listen to what we've gotten ourselves into. And "uuummmm" Jen thinks dirt is soooooo tasty!
The day progressed with fun, fast laps and no real issues. Reports were made of a black squirrel, multiple snakes, snapping turtle and dead crayfish.
Sarah and Amy started off for the 6 hour at 2pm and about 3 times more teams showed up for that, which made the course fun. Prior to that, the main obstacles were pedestrians, boy scouts, a family trying to hike with loaded packs, stray toddlers, dogs off-leash and folks cruising (slogging) around on hybrids.
imageIMGP9126 IMGP9066IMGP9076 IMGP9122IMGP9077
Then around the 6/7th lap, Noah (Backroom Roasters) took a banked turn with a little too much heat for the sandy, washed out terrain. He ripped off his read derailleur & wreck his seat and had to run/ride to end of lap from about half way in. The guys were able to rig a single speed for the next lap.
Then during that lap, he had further mishaps and with mid-lap repairs and having to then finish in an even worse gear, he was still able to finish the lap within 15 min of normal lap pace time they were keeping.
12 hour 4 person team:
Eric, Chris and Noah took 2nd, finishing just one lap shy of the top team whom didn't have any major mechanical mishaps and had 4 people.  PLUS!! It was Eric's first race since having major hip surgery 9 months ago. And he crushed it!
Jen, Kari and Patrice took 3rd, and were the only women's team. We totaled 11 laps! IMGP9143IMGP9146
Getting pizza before watching Sarah bring in the tale on the day for Team Jeni's! IMGP9052IMGP9147
And most importantly, we actually had ice cream to give out this race! Backyard Mint was the day favorite, and this dog was the happiest recipient!
Rider from Trails Edge and the CX Czar for Team Velvet Elvis were also satisfied!
And we won sweatshirts!