Sunday, July 13, 2014

Maker's Mark

The Maker's Mark Distillery
The grounds were beautifully kept, suprisingly there wasn't a B&B onsite.
The tour was well-paced, lasting about an hour and the guide animated.
And of course the tasting. This tasting has been my favorite thus far as you sat down in a little classroom area and the guide walked through the four in front of you. Instructing you on how to smell, then sip them.
It end with a bourbon chocolate and a walk through a section of the barrel house with a Chihuly glass ceiling into a large gift shop where you could dip your own bottle. (we passed, it wasn't that exciting). But I did get wooden planks that they age the Makers 46 with for future tofu smoking experiments....
Next we hit Barton's and Jim Beam. And I had been to Wild Turkey a few months prior.


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