Monday, September 29, 2014

Lake Laurel Trail

The Lake Laurel/Sheltowee Trace mountain biking area is an enjoyable section of single track - not too technical, a bit of flow and no real climbs - at least the section I rode.
From Singletracks: "Park at the Y and head north for some really scenic technical riding (lots of waterfalls) out and back or south and go around the lake" 
Well, I thought I headed north, but apparently I headed south on the out and back, but still had a great ride! There were signs that Cumberland Falls was about 10 miles ahead, but I didn't really have 20 more miles in me by the time I got to that sign. Would love to check it out sometime though!
Lake Laurel
Lake Laurel
Lake Laurel
See more pics of the area here.


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