Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sudurland Day 3, cont

Kayakers east of the Geysir:
From the Great Geysir, we continued around the loop to Gullfoss or the "Golden Falls", since on a sunny day the water plunging down the three step staircase and then tumbeling in two steps down into the 32 m deep crevice truly looks golden. Now, to our ignorance, we really didn't do much research upon traveling to Iceland and were mainly led to believe that it would be hard to find accommodations, etc since it's still winter. With all this type of prepping, we definitely didn't expect the tour bus accommodating, ADA compliant, giant giftshop megaplexes that this and the Gesyir were (though the shots of espresso and Brennivin were much appreciated...).
Number 1 tourist!
Slowin' it down:

From the falls, we headed south on 30 to try and camp at Fluoir. We couldn't locate the camping area, and the gas station had closed a 6, we missed it by 20 minutes or so. We pushed on south to find an open restaurant and the waitress helped point us in the direction of a bathhouse/campsite. It looked like an aging communist bath house and the grounds weren't open for the season yet (so no water) and we didn't have a propane canister at this point either (daw!) So we pushed further south to Selfoss. Of course the local grocery/hardware store was closed already so I ran in the local hostel to see if they knew were camping was. The gentleman pointed me in the direction and had a canister he was trying to unload, so things felt like they were falling into place.
The facilities were very nice - a good, flat area for tents, and a small kitchen/common room with showers and wifi to warm up and cook in. It basically felt like you were staying in a hostel. Though here and the guesthouses we stayed in - the other traveler were mainly duos our age, but everyone only really spoke to their travelmate and always in a whisper if at all more than 'pass the coffee'. A little different than expected...

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