Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cider Making

The Kretschmann Farm is an organic staple of Western PA and we swung out to Sally's Cider Press in Harmony, PA to watch them press apples, shop for pumpkins, etc.

Also took a little detour through Crow's Run:
Though not an area highly traveled these days, the area called Crow's Run by the local Indians because of the number of Crows that found a natural sanctuary as they nested and rested in the tall hemlocks that once interspersed the valley was known as Indian lands until March 12, 1783. At that time, the lands were part of what was set aside as “depreciation lands” which were given by the State of PA as payment to the soldiers and officers who had served in the revolutionary war. This land, until 1789, was priced as low as fifty cents per acre.
By 1929, the cement industry began to dominate the paving industry and coupled with the depression, demand for paving brick lessened, causing the No. 1, and last, brickyard in Crow’s Run to close its operations. The brick kilns and buildings were sold as salvage. The borough of Freedom purchased a number of them and paved many of its streets with the bricks. The balance of them were sold to a real estate firm in Ambridge, PA. Bricks can still be found today in Crows Run, though the dismantling of the yard brought an end to the industrial hey-day of the Crow’s Run Valley.


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