Saturday, October 17, 2015

Huge Mortar and Pestle

From Roadside America: The Bondurant Pharmacy operated for 37 years in a building shaped like a giant mortar and pestle.
A familiar site to Lexington, KY residents, Bondurant's Pharmacy has been in operation since 1974. The pharmacy was designed by founder Joe Bondurant, not surprisingly, after a trip to Las Vegas.
Few remember when pharmacists mixed drugs themselves in antiquated mortar and pestles, crushing and blending chemicals, but Joe Bondurant built a unique pharmacy to evoke smiles from the faces of his patients and passers-by. (The mortar, you'll notice if you look closely, is modeled on the shape of a fried-chicken bucket.)
The building is 32 feet in diameter and 30 feet tall, not including the 10 foot tip of the pestle above the roof. The second floor was originally designed as an apartment for the pharmacist. The pharmacy is equipped with two drive-thru windows, one for ordering, another for pick-up, as well as parking spaces for customers.
In reality, it's now a liquor store, poorly repainted in a not-so-great area near Keeeneland.
But when in Kentucky, can't pass up chilled Fireball shooters from the drive-thru, right?


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