Saturday, May 28, 2016

Climbing in Montserrat

It had been difficult for me to find much information on the climbing from the internet (I don't keep up on sport climbing and didn't realize how established it was in Spain) but luckily we found an outdoors shop with 2 guide books and a knowledgeable (and english speaking) employee as we dipped down into Collbató from the hotel. I believe it was in the same plaza as La Cassola Collbató and the grocery - Bonpreu, but not 100% sure now....
Anyhow, they had any gear you would need and showed us where we could get a gas canister for the stove across the highway. Also gave us the beta on camping. Camping is prohibited in the park, but basically if you go to the left of Restaurant Vinyanova, the police don't patrol there...
So we headed through the town to the rock!
View down into Collbato
Dusk was approaching, so we drove to the northern end, past the restaurant to find a place for the tent. One of us is a baby about wild camping and afraid of being woken and kicked out (by who? not sure...) so we went into the restaurant to grab dinner. Luckily we did as a storm rolled in and the food was amazing. The owner took care of us and we split a meal which seemed to be a 3 meat shank rice skillet accompanied by a large tapas plate, salad, desert and wine for 24 euros. He told us we could camp in the forest right outside of the parking lot, that they don't patrol before 8, so just get up early and go and you'll be fine. 
The lone phone pic of the meal:
One of us was still freaking out about wild camping, but I knew we were find, and thought that if anyone would see us it would be early am runner, and I was totally right! About 15 ultra runners were all geared up ready to go as we were packing out.
(not amused)


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